Kikaiju Glosam X2 (animation color)/Maju Jinmen


Kikaiju Glosam X2 (animation color)/Maju Jinmen

How to order "Kikaiju Glosam X2 (animation color)/
Maju Jinmen"(Please read carefully)

Pre-order will be offered at ordering page on our website from
March 24th (Sun) 0:00AM to April 30th (Tues) 11:59PM.
We accpet PAYPAL only.

Please pay by Japanese yen to
Payment amount is listed bellow
Please confirm the right amount before you pay.

Please settle the payment by May 7th (Tues) 2013.
Order will be canceled if the payment is not made by the day.

Delivery is planned to be in late June 2013 by EMS.

For any inquiry, please contact

Shipping Rates

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Zone 3
Zone 4
Area  Asia
OceaniaNorth AmericaCentral America・the Near and Middle East
South AmericaAfrica
Kikaiju Glosam X2
(animation color)
JP 1,740 YEN JP 2,180 YEN JP 2,500 YEN JP 2,940 YEN
Maju Jinmen JP 2,160 YEN JP 2,720 YEN JP 3,100 YEN JP 3,960 YEN

Kikaiju Glosam X2

(animation color)
Maju Jinmen

JP 2,600 YEN JP 3,300 YEN JP 3,750 YEN JP 5,100 YEN

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